A downloadable VR Experience for Windows

Spacewave is a music VR experience, inspired by the story behind the song ‘Free’, by Australian musician Flume.

Lost on the surface of a vibrant, surreal planet, we lead you through a sonic journey of adventure and colour, an unexpected path of discovery and awe. Throughout the experience, the space around you abruptly transforms, in a rhythm meant to give you a sense of freedom even in the most ominous of realities.

"I was going a little crazy trying to write music in my studio at home in Sydney. I had writer's block for months, to the point where I thought I may never be able to write music again. So I bought a one-way ticket to Tasmania, found a log cabin in the woods, and isolated myself from the world for 10 days. This is the moment I broke free from my creative block." Flume @ instagram.com/p/BF1MwHqzYuy/

Spacewave was made in the Summer of 2016, in collaboration with fraga.space. The song is used with knowledge from the good people at Future Classic. Music rights belong to the artist and label.


mecha-spacewave.zip 215 MB